Frequently Asked Questions

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1 2008-12-11  How do I find who Iím looking for? 
2 2008-12-11  How do I find an individualís ancestors? 
3 2008-12-11  What if I want to see an individualís descendants? 
4 2008-12-11  Can descendants be shown in a graphical format? 
5 2008-12-11  Is there a way to tell if two individuals are related? 
6 2008-12-11  The Timeline function looks interesting, what is it? 
7 2008-12-11  If I see a mistake in the information presented can I correct it? 
8 2008-12-11  Is there a way to print the display without all the headers and icons? 
9 2008-12-11  What are the three dropdown boxes for that are located on the upper right of the page? 
10 2009-02-18  What are French 'Dit' Names? 
11 2009-02-26  Why can't I see all the information on a certain person? 
12 2009-02-26  What are the benefits of Registering as a User? 
13 2009-02-26  What if I forget my username and/or password? 
14 2009-02-26  How do I use the Google Map displayed on the Individual Page?