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The Amyot Genealogy Pages provides all sort of information of known ancestors and living individuals related to this family. Please note that you must register for an account to update information on the site and see information on the living.

It has been said that "Each person, who meets an Amiot, meets a friend".


Celebrating 8 years! Thanks to all that have helped out during these years!
We are looking for family members to help research our family tree. We are missing many dates and places for births, deaths and marriages. There are reports that can assist you in your research.
Send us your photos! We are looking for "portrait" style photos of people in our family tree, in electronic format.
We need more members! Please tell all your family about this site, the more members we have, the more information we can add...

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"This interesting name derives from a byname for a friend and come's from the Old French word "ami" with the same meaning. The word ultimately goes back to the Latin "amicus", a variant on "amare", to love. There are numerous other English surnames derived from the same Latin and French roots. Among the variations most commonly associated with "Amott" are Amiet, Amiot, Amyot."

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